Pricing Policy 

Sumitra Enterprises wants to introduce One price policy for everyone to fulfill their Customer centric business idea.

We Introduce our Pricing policy with following points:-

(a)The Same for everyone

 We offer same price for every customer.prices may be varies with some of the exceptional points such as partial payment options,Speed Delivery options ,Credit   card payments option ETC.

(b)Suppliers can adjust sells price

We are happy to announce that currently working with 22 Supplier based office. So if some of our customers want to make deal with our supplier nearby customer’s location than price quoted by our supplier may be more than our regular prices.


We set our goods prices very convenient that fulfill needs of all customers don’t matter from which flied they exist from.

(d)Low rate

We set very less margin and fully focus to generate more revenue to connect with multipule  customers.Our margin is very much competative with the market prices and we provide the safest payment options with respect to market and competetiors.

(e)Maintains goodwill

Our pricing policy is very much clear and stable to maintain a good relationship with our customers.